Still Life

This was taken between takes for the Barnardos TVC we’re working on. It’s for a great cause.

Still Life - 33mm, f6.3, 1/60, ISO200

I also came across an article from Macworld titled Aperture vs. Lightroom: The new digital darkroom, which compares the two applications. Having only used each for a short period, I still not convinced that either one is a good solution for my photographic workflow.

As I use a Nikon camera, I still find that Nikon Capture NX produces the best images, and has the most options for RAW files. For cataloging and archiving images I use iView MediaPro (despite it being purchased by Microsoft). Its fast loading, has an assortment of labeling/metadata tools and viewing options, and has basic photo manipulation tools (that I never use). And best yet, unlike Aperture or Lightroom, it allows you to catalog other types of media such as videos, pdfs, text files and more. It works for me, what works for you?