This a snapshot of the reaction from the public to the Pasha Bulker. I like this image as I think it really captures the drama of the event.

Pasha Bulker Snapshot - 18mm, f11, 1/500, ISO200

Comments (5) left to “Snapshot.”

  1. damon wrote:

    Very nice panorama, you can’t even see where it’s been stitched together. Good work.

  2. Mike wrote:

    Great panorama! You really did capture the drama very well. Must’ve been a site to see!

  3. Alex wrote:

    Awsome shot! Did you saw it in a photoshop or did you use a “Stitcher”?

  4. Philippe Roy wrote:

    Really impressive shot. Like the others, I’d love to know how you did this!

  5. Michael wrote:

    this is way to cool!

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