Red Moon

This was shot on the 28th of August, during the lunar eclipse.

Red Moon - 300mm, f5.6, 2 sec, ISO200

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  1. porcupine wrote:


  2. James Crisp wrote:

    Very impressive!!

  3. Alex wrote:

    Nice shots buddy! Send me a note, I don’t have your e-mail, my laptop is all apart, again!

  4. Marc wrote:

    Great shot !

  5. kheoh yee wei wrote:

    That is a lonely moon,but very beautiful ! ;)

  6. Philippe Roy wrote:

    Nice shot. Love the colours… but is it me or does the surface of the moon look not so round on the right-hand side?? Looks like a bump!

  7. John Maslowski wrote:

    Great shot. The details are perfect. Very nice image.

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